Top 5 Indoor Activities For Kids On A Rainy Day

indoor activities for kids on a rainy day
Creative Indoor Activities For Children On A Rainy Day

Although your kids might be sitting most of their time indoors  – yet, when it’s raining outside they may get restless just because they “feel” they are stuck indoors.  They could go on to nag you every 5 minutes “Mom…we are feeling bored”!

As a mother doing your chores, their nagging might make you frustrated or cranky. This is especially true if you have limited the screen time for your children. Trying out these creative indoor activities for kids could help you not only make your children happy but also help you bond with your kids in the process and it will leave you energetic to go about your chores.

Being aware of the right indoor activities for your kids on a rainy day can be just as much fun as the children may have at a park or outdoors.

It is essential to demonstrate your children that being stuck indoors is not a bad thing. Rather, it is an incredible opportunity to learn something new at home. By these engaging activities, you can turn a rainy day into precious moments spent together, that also allows a deeper connection with your child.

Create a “Get Witty” Story

Most children love stories and imaginative play, so, this activity can turn into one of the favorite activities for your child.  All you need to do is sit down with your kid and create a story about anything they like. The only rule for the game is to be witty.

For starters, you can provide an opening line, or you could ask your child to state an opening line of his interest. Tell your child that they may make this story as funny or scandalous as they wish. You can take turns and add sentences in between. Jot down every sentence on paper so you can read out the complete story loudly afterward. The story could also be illustrated later on if your child enjoys drawing or painting. You can also do this activity while preparing lunch and dinner.


You can tell your child to write a video script and then make a video of that scenario. Play whatever characters they want. For this activity, you can take the help of other family members or friends or even your dog. The video could be a music video, a commercial, a mini movie, or anything else of their interest.

Mini Exhibition

Give your child a space in your garage or in your basement where they can design an exhibition.  Allow them to choose a theme of their choice and then let them change it often. The display would depend on your child’s choice whether they want to hang them from the ceiling or exhibit them on a table.

The exhibition could include anything such as artwork, paintings,  jungle animals, cars, or work done in school including their assignments, etc. When they complete their exhibition, visit their stall with interest and ask them about what they have created and why. Remember to appreciate their efforts and also add in comments about how they can improve their work further.

Fancy Dress Play

Pretend play is a healthy part of every child’s development. Permit your child to pretend to be whoever he wants to be. Give your child a box filled with an assortment of costumes masks, and accessories. These do not need to be anything expensive or lavish. You can get ideas to create fancy dress costumes at home, for your kids here.

Allow them to change their appearance as many times as they wish. Let them wear their shoes and do the hair by themselves.

Finally, when they dress up, ask them to play the part of whatever role or character they are depicting. You can extend the activities by telling them to play in the garage or put on a backyard performance. You can also help them in stage setting by giving them different ideas of background and by creating different props.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is an exciting activity which can be played indoors. Hide different items from your home and prepare a list of simple and easy questions that hint the things hidden and give a clue about where to find each item. Give your children an option to guess the answer in any way they like, for example, they can search online, in magazines, in books, or by asking other family members. Do give your children a small prize once they have completed the hunt.

There are many other activities you can do with your kids on a rainy day – for instance; you can play board games with your kids, or create easy DIY craft projects.

Any indoor activities that enhance their learning; boost their creativity and existing skill set can be a good option to try on a rainy day.


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