Taking the Plunge – Overcoming Fear of Failure

Overcoming Fear of Failure
Overcoming Fear of Failure

Are you afraid of failure? Well, when you decide to go out of your comfort zone, you would feel scared. Often our emotions become so wrapped up in our comfort zone that when things do not go as expected or we are trying something different, we are immobilized by the fear of failure.

Can you learn to use failure to your advantage? Of course, you can. But first, you need to understand that unless you try something new, you won’t be able to learn. That’s right. Moving out of your usual pattern and shifting your goals can help you learn something new and you won’t fail – after all, there is always something to be learned.

Never Let Fear Stop You from Moving Forward

Many of us are immobilized by fear. In fact, we allow fear of failure to stop us from moving forward and this can result in a number of lost opportunities. A traumatic experience at some point in your life can be a cause. There are chances that the experience was so terrible that you became scared of trying. For example: If you failed at a presentation during school, you can carry those negative feelings even when you start working years later.
Perhaps the best thing about fear of failure is that you can decide how to look at it. Yes, you can either see it as the end of the world or a lucrative chance to push yourself and achieve something big. Remember, failures can only stop you if you let them.

How You Can Overcome Fear of Failure

1. Understand Your Fear

What exactly do you fear? Do you fear the worst outcome or do you fear rejection? Well, we all stumble and fall in life. Doors do get slammed in our faces but if you think about all the opportunities you’ll miss if you don’t do anything, you would surely be eager to push yourself forward.

2. Think More Positively

Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool. It boosts your skills, confidence and can help you overcome fear. Ask yourself three simple questions.
a. What are positive things about moving out of the comfort zone?
b. How much will I grow as a person after this experience?
c. What can I learn from this experience?
When your brain is occupied with positive thoughts, you would see the bigger picture, the better opportunity.

3. Have a Plan B

In some cases, the worst case scenario can be quite disastrous and be fearing a failure makes sense. However, this end result may actually not be as bad as you perceive. If you feel scared, you can have a Plan B in place. This contingency plan can help you feel more confident about moving forward.
The next time you notice that you are getting stressed out, take a few deep breaths and make a contingency plan. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to move through fear with greater ease.

4. Use SMART Goal Setting

Goals are great motivators to keep you moving forward. If you don’t have goals, you have no destination. Studies show that people who visualize goals are most likely to achieve them. All you have to do is visualize how overcoming fear can benefit you. You can even set small goals – or milestones. Overcoming early goals not only would boost your confidence but you will be motivated to work even harder and move closer to your destination.

5. Take on New Challenges

Make sure you take on challenges in areas of life you seek to grow. The bottom line is that when you continue to push your boundaries, you will know what you are capable of. The day you start succeeding in one area, you can use the same dedication to accomplish goals in other areas of life. Don’t fear failure. Instead, let your hard work and action help you move closer to success.

Zainab Farrukh
Zainab is a Psychologist, Writer and the Founder of The WomeNetwork. She is currently striving to make The WomeNetwork a place where women from across the globe can connect on a deep level and empower each other on their way to success.


  1. I so needed to read. I just started blogging and it can be overwhelming and intimidating at times. Thanks for the reminder to be positive and see it as a new challenge!

  2. I enjoyed this post! I appreciated your perspective and recommended steps. I’ve been wanting to start a side hustle/business for a while to help payoff school loans but have been afraid to take the plunge because of failure. I think I am ready to go for it!


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