10 Tips For Raising Children With Healthy Self-Esteem

Raising children with healthy self-esteem
Raising Children With Positive Self-esteem

The Oxford Dictionary defines self-esteem as “confidence in one own’s ability and self-worth.” A confident person is not afraid to take calculated risks. He or she takes failure as a learning opportunity and aims to make the best out of the situation. This is why nurturing self-esteem in our children will help them grow into capable, competent adults. Here are some tips for raising children with healthy self-esteem:

Provide a loving, secure environment for your children
Remember young children are susceptible to their surroundings. Make sure you always keep a positive face in front of them whilst preparing them for what the world has to offer.

Let your child be independent
As parents, we feel responsible for our children’s safety and security. However, too much mollycoddling will not help either of you. Assign age-appropriate chores to your child. This will give him or her a sense of responsibility.

Praise your child in a well-balanced manner
Research shows that too much praise can have a negative impact on your child’s lives. How? It can result in narcissism and arrogance. However, the right amount of praise and positive reinforcement can help your child create a good self-image about him or her.

Spend quality time with your child
Your child craves your attention and love. Do spend at least one hour with him or her every day, without your electronic devices. This will be a great bonding time for both of you. One of the best ways to make use of this hour is reading to them. Age appropriate books will increase your kid’s knowledge, vocabulary, and imagination. A knowledgeable child loves to talk things he or she knows.

Every child is different with his or her own abilities
As parents, we have high expectations from our children. We eagerly wait for their first smile, steps, and words. Every kid is wired different and grow at their own pace. Monitor your child’s milestones and educational activities. Don’t be disappointed if your child is falling behind in something. The internet is filled with excellent resources. Take guidance from parenting websites and encourage your child. Also, avoid comparing your child to those around him/her. If done excessively, a constant comparison can build the seeds of self-doubt – and thus hinder your goal of raising children with healthy self-esteem.

Help your child pursue his or her interests
A passionate child grows into a happy confident adult. If he or she has any particular interest, please encourage them to pursue it wholeheartedly. Their favorite activities will also give them a sense of direction in life and will help grow into the person they aspire to become.

Surround your child with encouraging friends and family members
Words are like sharp arrows that can easily pierce an adult’s confidence. Imagine what negative words can impact your child’s self-esteem. Monitor your child’s friends, make sure they are not being bullied or worse – turning into bullies themselves.

Take your child for social activities and fun gatherings
Some kids are inherently shy and require encouragement to open up. Ensure your child has plenty of exposure to social events and fun gatherings. If your child is quiet, introduce them to people and ask them to greet others. This will inculcate the habit of meeting and greeting new people. In the beginning, your child will be wary and reluctant but slowly his confidence will build.

Address their weaknesses too
As parents, we can get carried away when it comes to praising our children. However, it is important you recognize their weak points and work on it together. For instance, if your child has trouble in math, address the problem by helping them out. Your extra effort will show them the importance of hard work and that they can always count on you.

Be an active role-model
Last, but not the least; raising children with healthy self-esteem – requires you to be a good role model for your children. The young minds soak up everything like sponges. Your own confidence and positive self-image are sure to have a positive effect on your children as well.

Mariam Rahman
Mariam Rahman is a mother of two lovely boys. She likes to read and blog in her free time. To know more about her, visit her Facebook page ‘Obaid, Rayyan and me’.


  1. A lot of what you wrote are the base reasons of why I decided to home school. I’m not sure I agree with putting on a smile in front of them, though, as children intuitively know when things are topsy turvey in the world around them… I think we should be honest (age appropriately) with our feelings and let them know emotions are okay and not something to hide from ourselves or each other. All in all, a nice, enjoyable read. ☺️


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