What to Wear For Your Job Interview

what to wear for your job interview
First Impressions Matter

The way you dress matters! What do you usually wear for your job interview?

When you are going for a job interview – the question of “what to wear” is never easy to answer. The way you show up to your job interview shows how serious you are about the job offer. Of course, your skills, relevant job experience, and personal capabilities are important, but the way you present yourself during the interview also has an impact on the hiring’s manager impression. Make no mistake about it. You will be judged as soon as you walk into the room, and your appearance and non-verbal communication attribute a great deal to the impression you make. Therefore, your goal for the day should be “Dress to Impress”.

The way you present yourself is a true reflection of your professionalism. You should also consider the profession you are in and the firm you would be working with.

However here are some general rules to keep in mind before appearing for your interview.

Stay Away From Clothes That Are Too Casual

Even if you are getting interviewed for the post of a creative designer, do not wear jeans, flip-flops or t-shirts to interviews. Also, try to avoid loud prints or obnoxious colors. It is recommended that you stay away from prints that look chaotic or too busy.

Don’t Wear Clothes That Don’t Fit Well

If you haven’t tried your dress recently, you might not know if it doesn’t fit you well. It’s always better to wear something that doesn’t feel too tight, too short or too loose. Remember the last thing you would want is to tug your shirt as you step into the room. It will either make you look too sloppy or too self-conscious.

Distracting Colors or Patterns Won’t Help You Stand Out

There’s a fine line between something that is attention-grabbing and clothes that are just distracting. Choosing soft, neutral colors over neon colors is a much sensible decision to wear for your job interview. In general, neutral colors are a safe bet because they can be paired easily with classic accessories. Orange is the worst color to wear for an interview; followed by red and pink.

A survey reveals that sweat stains and dirt marks turn off executives. Also, make sure not to wear anything that is too revealing or has low cuts. Remember, you should be the focus of the interview, not your clothing.

Don’t Go Overboard with Accessories, Perfume, and Makeup

Do not wear overwhelming perfumes or cologne to the interview as it can become a distraction. You would never know if the hiring manager is sensitive or allergic to fragrances.

For makeup, remember the “Less is More” rule. Flamboyant nail art and fingernails are no-nos. You should also avoid wearing pointy shoes or overly noisy heels.

Of course, you can make a lasting impression with your jewelry but your job interview isn’t the right place. Stay away from accessories that are jingly or overly shiny – they can be particularly distracting for the interviewer.

Pay Attention to the Details

Make sure your hair is combed and styled and your dress is clean and ironed. It shouldn’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the bed before appearing for your job interview. If you have been given special instructions, make sure you don’t wear anything that is significantly different than the given instructions.

Besides all that; be sure to wear your Smile – it’ll make you look charming, confident and self-assured.

Zainab Farrukh
Zainab is a Psychologist, Writer and the Founder of The WomeNetwork. She is currently striving to make The WomeNetwork a place where women from across the globe can connect on a deep level and empower each other on their way to success.


  1. Good post. I have definitely been on both sides where I’ve interviewed people and have been interviewed. It’s surprising how many people need to read your post haha! I was shocked at how inappropriately some people were dressed and even more shocked and how people responded to interview questions! That may be another great post. Tips on how to respond to questions on an interview! ! 🙂

  2. I agree with not wearing clothes that don’t fit. I see this at my company a lot. I also think minimizing the fragrances to a minimum as people can be sensitive to fragrance.

  3. Fab outfit. Job interview is the most important thing we face in life. So we had to look smart. The tips you have given are amazing. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I love the idea and your opinions. very useful recommendations about what are the best apparel that suits us. thanks a lot!

  5. This is such a great suggestion for everyone which will apply for work. You’re right, We should be presentable and well looked when we apply for work.


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