Why Women In Leadership Roles Are Better Than Men

Women in Leadership Roles
Women Are Better As Leaders As Compared To Men

According to Harvard Business Review, research has shown that women in leadership roles employ a significantly different style when it comes to interacting with their subordinates. Compared to their male counterparts, women leaders aren’t keen on dominating the field and primarily use their interpersonal skills to motivate employees. They use their position to motivate others and build a positive atmosphere. Here are 6 traits that make women better leaders than men:

Women Make More Interactive Leaders

Women are known to interact more with their subordinates in the workplace.  They strive to make every interaction with their coworkers a positive one, this creates a ripple effect that motivates the entire team to perform their best. Women tend to share power and make others feel important, meaning that others are not afraid to express themselves. This encourages participation and energizes employees.

Women in Leadership Roles are More Emotionally Accessible

Being physically present in a crisis is important but that’s not enough. Employees need bosses to be emotionally present with an open mind and heart. Women leaders tend to have a motherly instinct which instills in them the desire to help out others. This unique trait makes women more supportive. Whether you want to discuss a pitch or want to highlight an important problem, women will always take out the time to be there for you, both mind and body.

Women Leaders Exhibit More Patience

According to a study, women in leadership roles are far more patient than men and are likely to wait longer for the desired result. This means that they are less likely to lash out at co-workers or jump to conclusions. Female bosses tend to take a longer time to make quick decisions. Why is this an important trait for leaders? It’s mainly because “overall success” takes most small businesses up to seven to ten years. A patient leader is willing to take the necessary steps to help their team achieve success whilst patiently waiting for the outcomes.

Women Leaders Are Great Listeners

Women, by nature, are great listeners and take the time out to understand others and what they are trying to say. When an employee speaks to a woman manager about an important issue, she will be there and will give them her undivided attention. This is an important quality that distinguishes a great leader from a mediocre one. Being a good listener is important because it’s the only way one can truly understand what their employees are trying to say. This builds trust that eventually helps motivate employees and subordinates to do better at their job.

Women Leaders Have More Empathy

When you’re a leader, others are likely to come to you for favors. While men are known to brush off requests, research indicates women are more empathetic and take the time out to listen to their employees. Women understand the importance of work-life balance more than men and are willing to take steps to help their employees maintain a great healthy balance between the two. Overworked and stressed employees who are constantly tied to their jobs are likely to suffer health problems or be less efficient at the job.

Women Are More Collaborative Leaders

Women are more collaborative than men and have a genuine passion for working with others. Women managers are likely to involve their team in all kinds of decision-making processes and keep them in the loop. As leaders, they give each team member an opportunity to voice their opinions and become a part of the conversation. This makes everybody feel involved and part of the team.

These are just a few important traits that make women in leadership roles than men. What other qualities do you think women have that helps them take on important roles? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Marvi Masud
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